Depression is a clinical state of low mood that can severely affects a person’s behaviour and overall health.

Depression affects people in different ways and causes a wide variety of symptoms, including feelings of general despondency, losing interest in activities once enjoyed, anxiety, chronic fatigue, no appetite, lack of sex drive and general body pain.

There is no direct cause for depression but it is believed that people who have experienced certain life-altering events are more susceptible to depression and its associated symptoms. Family bereavement, past physical or sexual abuse and financial troubles are cited as the most common triggers for depression. 

There have been various studies on the effect of cannabis on Depression and its related symptoms.

In 2010, a study conducted by the University of Mississippi concluded that THC and other cannabinoids exert antidepressant-like actions and may contribute to the overall mood-elevating levels of cannabis.

While in 2013 a report from the University of Rio de Janeiro reported that CBD had anti-anxiolytic and anti-depressive effects in animal models.

Here at Favoriteseed, we offer a variety of strains that will assist Depression patients in alleviating their symptoms.

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