Free Seeds & Promotions

Here at FavoriteSeed we are delighted to offer you promotional discounts and free seeds on some of the brands we offer.


This page summarizes our current promotions so please take a look.


If you would like to contact us to arrange a special promotion please do.


There are 10 different bonus tiers of free seeds at FavoriteSeed, plus free seeds from Breeders & Seed Banks promotions!

The more you spend, the more you get!

Tier 1 - Spend Between 25 €/$ and 50 €/$ and receive ONE Free Cannabis Seed- Promo Code - 1FREE

Tier 2 - Spend Between 50 €/$ and 75 €/$ and receive TWO Free Cannabis Seeds- Promo Code - 2FREE

Tier 3 - Spend Between 75 €/$ and 100 €/$ and receive THREE Free Cannabis Seeds- Promo Code - 3FREE

Tier 4 - Spend Between 100 €/$ and 150 €/$ and receive FOUR Free Cannabis Seeds- Promo Code - 4FREE

Tier 5 - Spend Between 150 €/$ and 250 €/$ and receive FIVE Free Cannabis Seeds- Promo Code - 5FREE

Tier 6 - Spend Between 250 €/$ and 400 €/$ and receive SIX Free Cannabis- Promo Code - 6FREE

Tier 7 - Spend Between 400 €/$ and 600 €/$ and receive EIGHT Free Cannabis Seeds-Promo Code- 8FREE

Tier 8 - Spend Between 600 €/$ and 800 €/$ and receive TEN Free Cannabis Seeds- Promo Code - 10FREE

Tier 9 - Spend Between 800 €/$ and 1000 €/$ and receive TWELVE Free Cannabis Seeds-Promo Code- 12FREE

Tier 10 - Spend Over 1000 €/$ + and receive FOURTEEN Free Cannabis Seeds - Promo  code - 14FREE

Get FREE SHIPPING on orders over 100 €/$.


20% OFF on all products for unlimited time !

Get at least 5 additional free seeds when you spend 100 €/$ or more & Pay by Bitcoin. 


Get a further 10% off when you spend over 200 €/$ & pay by Bitcoin.


Impotant: By putting name of the Breeder / Seed Bank in the note section of shopping cart page, you can choose from which to get your free seeds from the bonus teirs!


The promotional free seeds from Breeders & Seed Banks are not visible at shopping cart! You will see your free seeds in your email invoice. We apologize for this inconvenience.

Current Promotions

DNA Genetics Promo
Royal Queen Seeds Promo
Kannabia Seeds Promo
Sensi Seeds Promo
Paradise Seeds Fem. Promo
Paradise Seeds Auto. Promo
THTC Original Hemp Face Mask
Expert Seeds Promo
Green House Seeds Co. Promo
Garden of Green Promo
Dutch Passion Promo
Kaliman Seeds Promo
Seedsman Promo
Kalashnikov Seeds Promo
Exotic Seeds Promo
FastBuds Seeds Promo
Phoenix Seeds Promo
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