Forest Dream is a sativa-dominant marijuana strain that grows well indoors, outdoors and in greenhouse environments. It is a great selection for first-time growers as it is very easy-to-grow.

Forest Dream is a vigorous hybrid which grows very fast in its vegetative phase with lots of side-branching giving to heavy yields at harvest time. The average height of plants is between 150 - 200 cm. but outdoor-grown specimens can reach 3 or even 4 meters tall. Flowering lasts for 8 - 9 weeks and the grower's reward is sweet-tasting (candy), smooth-smoking, THC-rich buds with a great, clear, uplifting sativa-high. In the last 2 weeks of flowering the heaviest buds can be prone to mould damage and so it is advisable to keep a good eye on the plants as it nears maturity. The effect is not at all heavy and so it is perfectly possible to stay active and to focus on what you are doing.

Forest Dream Feminised Seeds from Dutch Passion

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  • Breeder/Brand Dutch Passion
    Variety Mostly Sativa
    Flowering Type Photoperiod
    Sex Feminised
    Yield High
    Plant Height Indoors:150-200 cm; Outdoors: up to 4 meters in the ground
    Grows Greenhouse, Indoors, Outdoors
    Flowering Time 8 - 9 weeks
    Harvest Month October
    Taste / Flavour Candy, Sweet
    Effect Cerebral, Focused, Head, Uplifting