This Limited Edition Golden Tiger Thai Dominant 3rd Version is the result of demand from growers who expressed a desire for a more heavily Thai-influenced version of this great hybrid strain. A new Thai variety from the Chiang Mai area was used for the first time with Malawi Killer and this new version is definitely "more Thai" as a result. It is a 100% F1 sativa hybrid strain.

Although this strain can be grown indoors and outdoors the latter's zone of cultivability extends to latitude 43° from the equator. As with all of ACE Seeds' pure sativa strains it is recommended to veg. seedlings for a maximum of 15 days or for 7 days in the case of clones/cuttings. This Thai-dominant plant adapts well to both SoG, due to its strong central cola, as well as SCRoG, with both techniques increasing yields. High light intensity is needed for the very best results. Flowering times are between 12 - 14 weeks indoors.

Tropical and sub-tropical climates are perfect for these plants although it will still prosper in warm coastal regions such as the Mediterranean. Northern hemisphere harvests will be ready during the month of November. This is a strain with average to high resistance to a range of plant pests and diseases and with high potential yields. It displays the typical long, thin leaves of pure sativas and is a tall, slender and elegant plant.

Scents of spice, green tea and lemon Thai with floral notes supported by the deeply resinous nature of the Malawi are prevalent. THC levels can vary between 20 - 30%, depending on conditions and the skill of the grower, with 0.5% CBD. Its effect is extremely cerebral, psychedelic and long-lasting, less heavily physical than the standard Golden Tiger. It is strongly NOT recommended for novice consumers as it will almost certainly prove to be too much for them.

Golden Tiger Thai Dominant 3rd Version Feminised Seeds (Limited Edition) - 5

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Seed Pack
  • Breeder/Brand Ace Seeds
    Genetics Chiang Mai Thai x Malawi Killer
    Pack Size 5 Seeds
    Variety Sativa
    Flowering Type Photoperiod
    Sex Feminised
    THC Content 20 - 30%
    CBD Content 0.5%
    Grows Indoors, Outdoors
    Flowering Time 84 - 98 days
    Harvest Month November
    Taste / Flavour Flowery, Lemon, Spicy / Herbal, Tea
    Effect Cerebral, Psychedelic, Strong