The genetics for Panama x Bangi Haze were provided by a10th generation Panama Goddess x 8th generation Bangi Haze F29 male plant. The result is an 80% sativa strain that is easy to grow, high-yielding and which has a psychedelic effect. Great for indoors and also outdoor cultivation where humidity remains quite low during late flowering.

Due to the enormous size that the flowering clusters can attain in the latter stages of flowering it is recommended to keep relative humidity levels below 30 - 40% whether indoors or outdoors. Indoors growers should ensure good air circulation as well as ventilation of the growing environment. As with other Ace Seeds strains cultivation outdoors is up to 43° of latitude where the other conditions are satisfied. It can withstand cooler temperatures reasonably well, humidity is the key issue.

Flowering is very slow at first with the first month defining where the bud sites will develop but thereafter growth is explosive. There can be as many as three flowering surges with the buds increasing in size with each re-flowering. The nutrient regime needs to be upped during this period and it can take quite high levels during the third stage of re-flowering. All told flowering indoors takes 10 - 11 weeks with outdoor northern latitude harvests being in the middle of October. This strain displays average to high resistance to a range of plant pests and diseases.

The perfumes exuded by Panama x Bangi Haze are complex and include floral, musk, lemon, incense, carrots and aniseed. THClevels are between 18 - 21% with no discernible CBD. The effect is euphoric, psychedelic, dreamy, creative and very long-lasting. Proceed with caution!

Panama x Bangi Haze Feminised Seeds from Ace Seeds

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  • Breeder/Brand Ace Seeds
    Genetics 10th generation Panama Goddess x 8th generation Bangi Haze F29
    Variety Mostly Sativa
    Flowering Type Photoperiod
    Sex Feminised
    THC Content 18 - 21%
    CBD Content 0%
    Grows Indoors, Outdoors
    Flowering Time 70 - 77 days
    Harvest Month mid-October
    Taste / Flavour Flowery, Lemon, Musky
    Effect Creative, Euphoric, Psychedelic, Stimulating