Thai Chi is a sativa/indica hybrid (70%/30%) bred from a pure sativa Thai strain, from the Chiang Mai region in north western Thailand close to the border with Myanmar (Burma), and Ace Seeds' Kali China. It is an F1 hybrid with all the growth vigour that suggests.

Thai Chi can be grown indoors, with sufficient light, although its yields will be dwarfed by the harvests obtained when it is cultivated outdoors in a long growing season. Its high resistance to both hot and cold weather as well as different types of mould means that it can be grown successfully outdoors up to latitude 47°. Two main pheno-types are produced, the first is the Thai one which smells of incense and seasoned wood while the Kali China pheno is much more fruity in character with sour notes.

At first Thai Chi produces broad, indica type leaves before becoming much taller with a typical Thai sativa structure including irregular branching. Moderate nutrients are recommended for best results. Indoor flowering takes 9 - 11 weeks while outdoor crops are ready at the end of October in northern latitudes.

THC levels are around 16% and the effect is very smooth, lacking any edge or paranoia, with a clear, clean, cerebral, active, sociable and positive high. It creates an even, balanced mood and is highly recommended for meditating.

Thai Chi Feminised Seeds from Ace Seeds

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  • Breeder/Brand Ace Seeds
    Genetics Chiang Mai Tha x Kali China #4
    Variety Mostly Sativa
    Flowering Type Photoperiod
    Sex Feminised
    THC Content 16%
    CBD Content <0.1%
    Grows Greenhouse, Indoors, Outdoors
    Flowering Time 63 - 77 weeks
    Harvest Month end October
    Taste / Flavour Fruity, Sandalwood, Sour, Woody
    Effect Cerebral, Energetic, Talkative, Uplifting